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life,life and life.


Hello world.I miss you big time,in case you have been wondering where i have been,i have been working on self hosting,and this morning i am happy to introduce to you my new platform- you there!



Something must have lied to my intuition initially

that it wasn’t far away,and that i was gonna get it if i wanted it

so i grew up,knowing i was gonna have it,because i wanted it

more than anything else,so i worked hard towards it’s realization,

But life is just dogged like that,thick headed,i missed it.


Turmoil,distraught,and disappointment set in,

I almost lost myself,and my dignity,looking into what i had not done

cursing myself where i felt like i missed a step,i compared,contrasted

my entire life with the world,i did not find an iota of anything pacifying

so i resolved to get into the masses and flow along to wherever it was

But life is just dogged like that,thick headed, i missed it.


I hit walls,like a wrecking ball,but i did not crack the shell,

of the dream i held closest to my heart,a dream that once seemed so near

that was the very epitome of my hope,that was the very foundation

of every vicious vanity,the very justification of my head being held high,

But life just dogged like that,thick headed i missed it.


I read every book i stumbled upon,they taught me,to have self conviction

that in life there has to be mountains to climb,that the test of man is storms

that it was i alone that had the power to single handedly design my destiny

i listened to motivational speakers,consulted,stayed awake nights on end

burned the midnight oil with the consolation that i was just steps away

But life is just dogged like that,thick headed, i missed it.


So i got out of the crowd,and stepped aside,there were few others,

just like i,who had realized,they were sad,in the big crowd,that had

every kind of person,some were happy,some were living,some had

some did not,some had found their purpose in life,so they just waited

waited for the day that the good Lord would show up,to take them

But life is just dogged like that,thick headed,i missed it


Out of the crowd it’s not fun and games,but it is edifying,fulfilling

insecurities hit like waves of the sea,uncertainties blurs everything

self doubt,dissatisfaction,and constantly the spirit gets dampened

by one or two people in the crowd who flow along swiftly

but i wont get swayed,i already had enough disillusion,that time,

Is gone because life was just dogged,thick headed,i missed it





what i make of it

Hello i missed you all.i was riveted in some sickening library doing my jurisprudence take away assignments.I tried to find time, i just couldn’t find a minute for my perspective.But while walking in and out of that library,i developed a new habit.Reading politics.And commenting or discussing with whoever was in the mood.It was during my flip that i discovered that the misguided presidential directive to destroy liquor dens in Kenya had been given too much attention.I hadn’t given this  directive much consideration because i do not drink.It was so irrelevant.But every newspaper i opened,a brewing company had hired a whole page to announce that their products were legal,legitimate and duly registered.This companies have been brewing alcoholic products for decades.So i did not see the point.

Reading on,apparently,political leaders were leading radical youth to destroy anything alcoholic,breaking into factories and stores,pouring and breaking alcoholic products indiscriminately.It mortified me.Legitimate, duly registered businesses were being torched.I particularly read about a woman whose wines and spirits stores had been broken into,looted,and vandalized not to mention that her business had been destroyed by a careless order by leaders.She went on to lament on how she had sought a loan that she needed to pay and that she had two kids in school whose education was at stake.I went on to read comments of the ever callous Kenyans are.They ruined my whole year.Chastising her for selling ‘ungodly’ stuff,judging her and misquoting the bible.Grossly.You are a pervert,if you were among them.You are heartless and despicable.I mean she was a registered businesswoman and her products were approved by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS). ain’t that what really maters?.

Elsewhere,Kabete Mp Mr Ferdinand Waititu,mobilized a gang of youths who raided bars,stole cash and vandalized property.He also asked them to kill anybody who was opposed to this indiscriminate destruction.I do not know what our good president-and his syndicate aims to achieve out of this hullabaloo.It is against the rights of citizens to destroy their property,property the acquired legitimately and painstakingly.To break into factories and companies that are licensed.Nobody drags the youth you purport to help out of alcoholism into that bar.Nobody persuades them to ask for another round.It’s not like they do not know that excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful  to their health.They have chosen that kind of lifestyle! alcohol is sold to adults only in Kenya.How then,Mr president,are you going to stop them from drinking alcohol when they fully grown people,acknowledging that alcohol is lethal to their health, have decided to walk that very infamous route?

Kabete mp Moses Kuria.he has asked youth to kill anybody opposed to the destruction (Photo courtesy of the nation)
Kabete mp Moses Kuria.he has asked youth to kill anybody opposed to the destruction (Photo courtesy of the nation)

It gets me into thinking about the conspiracy theory.My intuition leads me to a scenario whereby a big fish,a mandarin (as Kenyans would love to call the high and mighty),wants to get into the brewing industry,and because it is saturated,someone wants to step on the heads of other citizens belligerently,out rightly breaching their fundamental human rights to satisfy their egos.How about establishing a team that will do a research in the market then thereafter you can destroy the substandard products and the illicit ones?.We need to stop this arbitrariness. In a country where the rule of law is in bad shape,the ordinary Kenyan is left to wonder where to seek redress.

Top 10 Most Intelligent People of The World

From my perspective

Terence Tao - UCLA Math Department - 090629 for University Communications Terence Tao – UCLA Math Department – 090629
for University Communications

1. Terence Tao

Terrence Tao has a verified IQ of 230.
Gifted with an amazing IQ of 230, Terence Tao makes it to this list of most intelligent people of the world. He is an Australian-born Chinese American mathematician working in harmonic analysis, partial differential equations, additive combinatorics, ergodic

Ramsey theory, random matrix theory, and analytic number theory. At just 8 years, Tao achieved a score of 760 on the pre-1995 SAT, received a Ph.D

from Princeton at 20 and at 24 became the youngest ever full professor at UCLA. He received inspiring awards like the 2003 clay research award, the Bôcher Memorial Prize in 2002 and Salem Prize in 2000 are just few of them.

2. Christopher Hirata


Christopher Hirata has a verified IQ of 225.
Christopher Hirata was genius from his childhood. When just 13, he…

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Twitter campaign takes on media stereotypes about Africa


If you’re reading this, then you’re well aware of the images global media has historically tended (and still does) to associate with Africa: emaciated children, drought, blade-wielding combatants in civil war, AIDS patients and other imagery reinforcing the old ‘dark continent’ narrative.

Many Africans who know the truth are fighting this image. Since its massive spread last month, the hashtag #TheAfricaTheMediaNeverShowsYou has attracted over 42,000 tweets. The tweets are usually accompanied by breathtaking, poignant and spectacular images of the African landscape, people and wildlife. The images show the achievements of well-known Africans and, also, the ingenuity and innovative nature of ‘ordinary’ African folk.

Diana Salah, who helped spread the campaign’s popularity, told Fusion magazine last week that for her the campaign was to remove people’s shame towards the continent from the general stereotypes about Africa.

“I got involved because growing up I was made to feel ashamed of my homeland, with negative images that paint Africa as a desolate continent,” she said.

SOURCE: This Is Africa


I love mama Africa,the sound,just everything.since it is Friday,it is less words more dance!.Enjoy with the artist of the week,Kcee

coke studio week six-Alikiba and Seyi Shay.

Have you watched or at least listened to Alikiba’s latest single chekecha cheketua?.If not,you need to do yourself a favor right now.(I’ll share the video below).If you have,you will agree with me that Alikiba is one of the biggest talent east Africa has ever had.His voice is extraordinary and irresistible,not to mention the deep Swahili accent that he puts together in a beat to come up with a hit that we all dance to years on end.Who still does not shake his head to mwana? or say,cinderella?.Chekecha cheketua has received massive airplay on both local media,social media and Trace tv.

He is now in Nairobi for coke studio season three,week six recording.Coke studio is a proud improvisation of coca-cola  that goes hand in hand with the #a billion reasons to believe campaign and furthers it’s spirit.It gives artists a platform to redo their songs with artists from across borders consequently inspiring collaborations and improving the quality of music.

Alikiba will be doing mash-ups alongside the woman with the most incredible legs in the world Seyi Shay from Nigeria.They will be recorded by four times Grammy awards winner Owuor Arunga.So much talent brought together.Alikiba is a humble simple artist with almost no controversies like his counterparts in bongo.Besides he has bagged several awards lately and now that he is a first timer in coke studio,i anticipate his returns and awards to grow tenfold,also probable is the possibility of a couple of collaborations with several west African artists just as his contender/competitor Diamond Platinumz.

singer Seyi Shay( photo courtesy of
singer Seyi Shay( photo courtesy of
four times grammy awards winner and violinist Owuor Arunga.he will be recording Alikiba and Seyi shay (photo courtesy of
four times grammy awards winner and violinist Owuor Arunga.he will be recording Alikiba and Seyi shay (photo courtesy of

This is one of the performances that you should not miss out on when coke studio starts officially airing.Because i anticipate it to be  one of the biggest in the history of coke studio thus far.He says:

“It’s an amazing feeling to be part of Coke Studio Africa. This is the place where I can show my fans that I can do better.They will also see how my chemistry with another artiste in the music industry can be good!” Expect to hear his hits like “Chekecha Cheketua” re-done afresh in the show’s new format – mash-up style of music.

Tomorrow Thursday the 2nd of July will be a press briefing then Saturday the 5th will be the recording.

Your boy Alikiba checked into the country courtesy of Kenya Airways for Coke Studio Africa. Here’s a chance to know more…

Posted by Coca-Cola on Wednesday, July 1, 2015


it's normal to worry about stuff.(image courtesy of
it’s normal to worry about stuff.(image courtesy of

Doesn’t your heart get dampened,wrenched to listen to what fellows,colleagues,and especially college classmates are up to beyond after college? where they are going to work five hours a day and have a six figure salary package,who they know personally in the government who is going to be a conduit to their happy ever after?Relax

How some others are going straight for masters in IR and ascend the corporate ladder in weeks when you are as sure as hell that there is no money at your disposal that could take you to a masters class.Do not get me wrong,i am not saying you become callous or a hater,or wish everyone the worst because you are financially challenged.I am simply highlighting the fact that you feel like an underdog,inferior,jeopardized,doomed,desolate and in turmoil because  everyone is formidable to you.Because all you know is that if there is any certainty in your head beyond the bliss in graduation,it is that you are stepping into the world clueless.With the faintest of ideas of where to start,which company is hiring and which one is not.The only consolation at your disposal is that clichéd sentence of hoping for the best.Relax

Isn’t it interesting and appalling that when you catch up with them few years down the line,they are hopeless,worse than they were,and they effortlessly try to pull charades,crafting theories of why they are what they clearly look like,even when you haven’t asked but because their conscience is running back and forth,to college lies and back to the reality.How for example one will heap you with accolades because you were the nicest guy,how your suit is nicely cut and suddenly before you say thanks,someone is like “i know,i know,i know i look horrible.Thats because i stopped giving dress mannerisms priority.Or something like i am growing old,i do not give a shot.Why would i care what anybody thinks i look like?”they will ask.

How suddenly the memories of the hey days when they were ‘ballers’ popping champagne almost knock your ass down.How easily they got a lay because their wallet sizes were twice their egos?how they will resolutely try to fake an accent and how badly it embarrasses them to an extent you too feel embarrassed and wish they had not started this conversation? how the cunning truth keeps popping it’s head and how easily you are able to separate whey from curds?.How easily you can prick loopholes in their improvised lies? how their inconsistencies work against them,

How pride,that was their trademark and lifeline is conspicuously missing,how they exhibit the highest degree of piety and are lower than earth?how well they seem to be acquainted with the whereabouts of all those who became successful after college unexpectedly because,according to them,they took life too seriously and were boring.Fact:nobody will care to cram where each of the eighty something classmates are,unless they have nothing to do and are uncomfortable with where they are.

Then you bump into that girl who walked heels over her shoulders.Because she was dating the rich handsome guy who fought in the club every single day and got away with it.How she ruined Internet classmate groups because of her upcoming nuptial,and subsequently splashed the photos everywhere after walking down the isle.You remember how you envied her,you almost walk past her because you cannot believe that it is her who is that badly forlornly famished with a wig that has not been changed in four months,she looks sad,almost morbid in a state that you,even in your wildest of imaginations did not see her.She stops you and asks you why you are give a ‘you have changed a lot’ excuse.You offer to buy lunch.

In the middle of the conversations,something prompts her to pour her heart out,because you are the only one who seems to give her attention.She tells you of how the man is abusive,immoral,arrogant,extravagant and has infected her with an STD, a mid sobs.You try to persuade her to leave,but she is like how? where do i go? he will kill me! this child will starve to death!then you feel like her words shook off all atheism in you,you resolve to visit the local church on Sunday because some supernatural power has been on your case over the past few years.Because those who seemed to have their piece cut out are in the murkiest waters.And you the clueless poor village boy/girl is moving on to something better say, real estate.

Do you still think you know life so well?



Hello,city girl

First i would love to register my disappointment.Because mainstream media is becoming a bag of bullshit.Where any woman who feels like pooping resorts to.I do not know how the hell you even secured the job of a columnist to degrade men and spread your misandry in every chronicle.Maybe,you have a sponsor.You are crazy as loon,there is no better phrase that describes your articles.Lame?,maybe. Because you attitude stinks.Like someone just farted on you.You articles do not seize to subterfuge morals and spread bigotry.That’s to say the least.I would have said much more but i chose to be terse,laconic or elliptical whichever you know the meaning thereof i.e if you know anything else other than a poor man.

Brings me to my sole reason for writing this piece.How rich are you,miss?what car do you drive? a Lamborghini avantador or a Porsche cayenne? did your sponsor brainwash you that blue cars are for poor men? you need to watch out for auto shows more than you watch for rich men.And by the way if you drive anything less than a range rover you need to STFU and be comfortable in your small car,because it is as good as what the ‘poor man’ drives.

What makes you feel that the whole world revolves around your lust for moneyed men?is this what your father does? and your husband?is this what your mother taught you to do? if not,why do you want to mislead a young life growing up? why do you want to make a 17 year old whose parents have painstakingly taught to be reserved till the day of her nuptial feel like she is wrong and backward? do you have some consanguinity with the devil? i am sorry, and excuse me for the many questions but before  i start giving your articles a blind eye,i want to do some exorcism on you,to flush all bigotry out of your head and shake off all callousness before,like you say in two years time,become my boss.Haha.Not because you are a better writer but because you believe in a sponsor.Boss my big toe in a stinking socks.

You know it’s okay if you sat with your small girls in your house and taught them to find sugar daddies(if at all you have any),to look for sponsors to take them to Kempiski,now that you think that someone has to be in Kempiski to breathe oxygen.But please save our sisters and daughters some slack and bleak lifestyles.why do you,like a torpedo,single handedly want to scupper a whole generation?

What gives you the audacity to chastise poor men? why do you get worked up about poor people in you chronicles? are you haunted by the fact that you are dating a poor man and the window of opportunity to leave him  does not seem to present itself? or better still because,morally upright men do not seem to walk your way and you want to live on the shadow of someone’s immoral husband? Why do you feel obliged tell us on what car to drive and which one not to? when did you become the assessor of wealth? someone can ride in a pro box and feel vindicated and happy,another one will sit in a Range rover and feel awful,that is not because they are mentally poor but because we have tastes and preferences.Get over it!

FYI, there are far much more richer women than yourself who get their daily bread from toiling harder than sitting in the discomfort of a seat and spreading misandry.Yet they haven’t figured out yet where the nerve to judge poor people is.The fact that someone rubber stamps your bigotry on a newspaper too is worrying.Maybe someone deceives you that you are such a confident, formidable astute lady to be speaking on behalf of a bunch of morally rotten women.Because you put morality on the noose and terribly obliterate the moral fabric.

I know some deranged woman is going to be like ‘if you do not like it,f***k off.I won’t.Hiyo gazeti sio ya mama ya mtu.I want to remind Njoki of an article she wrote on 10/04/2015.Why is it in conflict with this one? where do you stand? STOP BEING A CALLOUS WRECK.

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